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Robert is a singer songwriter he also plays piano and guitar. At the beginning of his career, Robert performed mostly in Central Europe, where he was born. Later he moved to London and lived there for about 11 years; although Robert continued to write, he and his wife also worked as a pop duo, doing covers in pubs, and for events and weddings.  At this time, he wrote music for various projects, including an award winning short called Intangible, he also wrote the theme music for a scifi/fantasy project called Mega Centarri, and is presently writing the music for the social network game, soon to be released, that is part of the same project.    Robert recently moved to Canada, with his wife Kat, they now live in a small seaside town on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia.

 His style is pop/rock/acoustic/smooth jazz, his influences are Queen, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Tchaikovsky, Leonard Cohen, Frank Sinatra, Led Zeppelin and many more. His instrumentals are smooth jazz with a classical feel

The single ‘Wonders’ was released to online stores on Earth Day April 22nd this year, the year of 2021.  The song ‘Wonders’, is a message of hope in these trying times, it is about extreme acts of heroism, kindness and generosity, and a new awareness that is emerging, coming through the sufferings brought on by the pandemic. Through all the bad, comes a greater good.


The song’s intro sets a very moderate and earnest tone, the sound of the piano gives the song a strong and epic feel. Robert’s voice and his passionate delivery, combined with his lyrics, a poetic rendition of the story of these times, simply enforces the message. This song fills the heart and makes you want to listen to it over, and over again.

Robert will release other singles on May 10th and another in June. All singles will be part of the upcoming album ‘Wonders’.

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